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Nature’s Factory

Nature’s Factory” represents that tree of life whose roots are nourished deeply by the nurturing energies of Mother Earth’s core.

Drawing inspiration from the environment, Nature’s factory was created with a prime intent in mind – to deliver you the best, with the highest quality ingredients, garnered from all over the world. This outlook has allowed us to eliminate the need for synthetic ingredients that harm the ecosystem, which aligns seamlessly with the ethos behind our products.

Sourcing each of our ingredients with great caution is vital not only for the product's quality, but also for the ethical treatment of those involved in the harvesting process. As nature is highly esteemed and glorified by us, so sustainability is at the vanguard of everything we do. Consistently we focus to minimize our impact, so that our products can not only be good for you, but also for the planet.

Why Us

Our transparency and authenticity in bringing pure and natural products to our consumers makes us a trusted choice for our clients for their complete satisfaction and happiness directly from the lap of Mother Nature to the golden hands of our happy clients.

Nature’s factory aspires to continuously evolve and improve products and service quality through the utilization of the latest technology combined with extensive research and experimentation on natural extracts.

Our Story

It all began over a cup of tea and some conversation on honey between its founding members and partners Mr. S. Goyal and Mr. Bharat Chokhani. They noticed a striking gap between the products grown at source and the finished goods available in the market. They made an adamant resolution to bridge this gap with benevolence of nature and bona fide products from across the world. They travelled across the length and breadth of the country and explored the rich heritage of Ayurveda. To begin with, they themselves used each product directly sourced from the farmers and maintained their connection with them. With incessant use of these pure products they observed tremendous benefits to their health and well being and also benefited their family members and friends.

Thus, they embarked on a voyage to ensure that this natural goodness must reach everyone. This craze led its way to Nature’s Factory.

Our Goal

With an ambition to tap natural resources that are available in abundance, Nature’s Factory was started with a vision to provide quality products free from harmful chemicals and by-products.

Behind Nature’s factory nascency is a thought of synergic growth of nature’s intelligent creation- human beings and the natural resources, for their sustenance. Nature’s factory considers it their privileged responsibility to maintain and regulate the cycle of production, provision and distribution.

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