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Wild Himalayan Litchi Honey

Rs. 299.00

Wild Himalayan Litchi Honey has an unparalleled flavor, both sweet and sour. It keeps all the subtle notes of litchi flower. It is also appreciated for its rose aroma.

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Wild Himalayan Litchi Honey

Wild Himalayan Litchi Honey

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Health Benefits of Raw Litchi Honey:

Medicinal Healing Properties: Loaded with fresh Litchi, Litchi Honey works as an anti-inflammatory agent and is full of antibiotics and antioxidants. Litchi Honey is an efficient replacement during minor medical conditions. It can also be used as an amazing cough suppressant.

Remedy for Acne: Village Fresh Raw Litchi Honey can be used on your skin to protect it from inflammation and acne. Daily consumption of Litchi Honey also improves blood circulation and lowers Blood Pressure, thus maintaining the body balance.

Boost Weight Loss/Improved digestion: Adding Litchi Honey to your diet every day can improve the bowel system, boosts weight loss, and strengthens bones. Litchi Honey, if consumed on a regular basis, is the best honey that helps in increasing athletic performance.

Rich in Nutrients and increased blood production: Litchi Honey is a rich source of nutrients that are required for the production of blood. It provides magnesium, manganese, copper, and iron that are required for the formation of RBC.

Natural Skin glowing properties: Litchi contains a good amount of antioxidant Vitamin C. Daily intake of Village Fresh Litchi honey will bring a natural glow to the skin and has anti-aging properties as well.

Maintains Cardiovascular Health: Litchi contains a high amount of dietary fiber which proves to be an amazing nutrient that promotes cardiovascular health.

Natural Cosmetic: Regular intake of raw honey has been cited to be extremely effective for reducing acne and heal other skin conditions. It helps in the circulation of blood flow which in return brings an efficient glow on the skin.

Contains Natural Enzymes with no artificial sweetener: Raw honey is loaded with natural vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Raw honey contains bee pollen which is surprisingly nutritious and contains amazing health benefits. The presence of bee pollen in raw honey helps preserve the natural enzymes in it.

Anti-Cancerous Agent: Due to the purity of raw honey, the positive scientific evidence of honey as an anti-cancerous food is growing. Raw Honey is composed of various sugars, flavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins. These natural substances which remain intact in Raw Honey act as a potential anti-cancer agent.

Promotes Digestive Health and A Source of Weight Loss: Raw honey works as a prebiotic to help balance our gut microbiota while promoting healthier cholesterol levels, higher immune function, improved digestion, lower risk of weight gain, and lower inflammation.

Raw Honey is attributed to contain water, energy, sugar, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals which help reducing body weight, leading to a more healthy and active lifestyle.